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Aerial yoga combines traditional asana (the physical postures of yoga) and yoga philosophies with the supportive suspension of aerial arts.

Our lessons will help you improve your flexibility, strenght and balance and experience weightlessness, inversion, breath and body connection.

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Women in Aerial Yoga Class
Aerial Yoga Studio, Hanging on Hammocks

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Aerial Yoga Studio, Hanging on Hammocks

Ending the day with weightlessness

Tuesday 18:30

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Aerial Yoga class

Start the day enhancing self-awareness

Wednesday & Friday 7:00

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Aerial Yoga class

A fun workout to add to your daily routine

Wednesday & Friday 16:45

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Client Feedback


Aerial Yoga Lesson

A gift for the soul

“An encounter with yourself, with our nature and wonderful people. Thank you Coni, you make each lesson magical!”

Juan Pablo

Aerial Yoga Lesson

Connect with the elements

“Feeling the Air flow as innate! Recognize the element in me through the practice and connect with the here and now”.


Vinyasa Yoga

Unique and relaxing moment

“Yoga on the beach and the connection with the waves allowed me to forget about the world, leave fears and worries.”

Aerial antigravity yoga concept. Woman practicing fly yoga in anti-gravity yoga studio using green hammock.

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