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Find your Lightness

Weightlessness offers physical relief and mental clarity, while togetherness fosters emotional support and strong social connections. Combining these elements in yoga sessions creates a more balanced, fulfilling, and healthy life.

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Sentir ligereza nos ofrece alivio físico y claridad mental, la ​unión con otros fomenta el apoyo emocional y fuertes ​conexiones sociales. Combinar estos elementos en las ​sesiones de yoga y talleres nos permite transitar una vida ​más equilibrada, plena y saludable

Hi! I’m Cocó

Certified Yoga Teacher with 7 years of experience in Aerial Yoga and Vinyasa yoga teaching at wellness retreats, resorts, wellness centers and yoga studios around the world.

Focused on creating a welcoming, supportive and enriching environment for all participants.

Hola, soy Cocó

Instructora de yoga certificada con 7 años de experiencia ​dando prácticas de Aerial Yoga y Vinyasa Yoga en retiros ​de bienestar, resorts y estudios de yoga en todo el ​mundo. Enfocada en crear un ambiente acogedor, de ​apoyo y enriquecedor para todos los participantes.

We don't need to be flexible to do yoga, we use yoga to become flexible No requerimos ser flexibles para hacer yoga, el yoga nos vuelve flexibles.


Aerial Yoga,

fly to your ​Bliss

Aerial yoga combines traditional asana ​(the physical postures of yoga) and yoga ​philosophies with the supportive ​suspension of aerial arts.

Our lessons will help you improve your ​flexibility, strenght and balance and ​experience weightlessness, inversion, ​breath and body connection.

More easy and fun than you imagine!


Vinyasa Yoga

Dynamic and flowing style of yoga that synchronizes breath with ​movement, promoting flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular ​health. Our lessons are based on a welcoming, supportive and ​enriching environment for all participants.

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Práctica de yoga dinámica y fluida que sincroniza la respiración con ​el movimiento, promoviendo la flexibilidad, la fuerza y la salud ​cardiovascular. Nuestras clases se realizan en un ambiente ​acogedor, de apoyo y enriquecedor para todos los participantes

Sunrise Yoga

Start your day with Yoga on the beach. As dawn ​breaks, feel the crisp sea breeze and hear the gentle ​waves while moving through poses that awaken ​your body and mind. Embrace the calm, set your ​intentions, and connect with nature for a ​rejuvenating morning infused with peace and ​vitality.

Every Thursday 6.15 am, Four mile beach

Enhance Guest Experience

create an enriching experience that attracts ​health-conscious travelers and elevates your ​resort’s reputation as a premier wellness ​destination

Community Feedback


Aerial Yoga Lesson

A gift for the soul

“An encounter with yourself, with our nature and wonderful people. Thank you Coni, you make each lesson magical!”

Juan Pablo

Aerial Yoga Lesson

Connect with the elements

“Feeling the Air flow as innate! Recognize the element in me through the practice and connect with the here and now”.


Vinyasa Yoga

Unique and relaxing moment

“Yoga on the beach and the connection with the waves allowed me to forget about the world, leave fears and worries.”

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